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IKEA must stop degrading and destroying Romania's protected forests!

The investigative report "IKEA. Smart Outside, Rotten Inside" documents the conduct of IKEA as a major wood consumer and of the IKEA-affiliated Ingka Investments as Romania's largest private forest owner with over 51,000 ha of forest. The investigation conducted by Agent Green and Bruno Manser Fonds reveals a consistent pattern of destructive logging and poor forestry practices in the forests owned by Ingka and those feeding the IKEA supply chain in Romania. Many of these forests are located within or near Natura 2000 sites and other protected areas.

The documented issues include large-scale clearcuts in high biodiversity forests, intensive commercial logging in protected areas and even old-growth forests without environmental impact assessments in breach of EU law, a general lack of natural forest regeneration after logging, and thus severe habitat degradation and endangerment of species.

As the largest buyer and retailer of wood in the world and Romania’s largest private forest owner, the Inter IKEA Group and the Ingka Group should know better. They should stop contributing to the decimation of Romania's forests and start being part of the solution. Our demands to the furniture giant are included in the report.

Report: IKEA. Smart Outside, Rotten Inside

Report Annexes 2 and 3

Video (RO): Investigators at work

Help to stop the ongoing destruction of Europe's most precious forests and sign our petition to IKEA. Destructive logging in Romania's primary, old-growth and other high conservation value forests, protected or not, must stop now!