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IKEA must stop deforestation in Romania's nature reserves!

The IKEA furniture group owns at least 50,000 hectares of forest in Romania (equivalent to an area of over 70,000 football pitches) through the INGKA Group. This includes primeval and old-growth forests, which should be protected as nature reserves of the European ecological network Natura 2000 according to the EU Birds and Habitats Directives. They harbour endangered species such as brown bears, wolves and lynxes. Nevertheless, IKEA is intensively logging in these forests, for example in the Penteleu protected area in central Romania. The Bruno Manser Fonds was able to see this for itself on site.

As early as 2021, the Romanian environmental organisation Agent Green came to the conclusion that IKEA hardly pays attention to good forest management and makes only low demands on its subcontractors in Romania. IKEA is Romania's largest private forest owner and therefore has a special responsibility to preserve Europe's last large-scale primeval and old-growth temperate forests.

Help to stop the destruction of Europe's most precious forests and sign our petition to IKEA. Logging in Romania's Natura 2000 sites and other high conservation value forests must stop now!